12 December, 2018

NUClear explotion

Introduction It is widely known, that UEFI BIOS security aims at preventing the SPI flash memory tampering in the first place. Who cares about arbitrary code execution in the context of System Management Mode (SMM), if one cannot just simply write to the SPI flash memory, where UEFI BIOS code is stored. Persistence cannot be
5 October, 2017

Bypassing Intel Boot Guard

In recent years, there is an increasing attention to the UEFI BIOS security. As a result, there are more advanced technologies created to protect UEFI BIOS from illegal modifications. One of such technologies is Intel Boot Guard (BG) – a hardware-assisted BIOS integrity verification mechanism available since Haswell microarchitecture (2013). So-called «UEFI rootkits killer» this