Protects against known and unknown attacks

First prevention solution made specifically for smart-device vendors

We are a team of IT security professionals who are driven to revolutionize the industry of smart devices (IoT, IIoT, and Automotive).

We drastically improve the security of your smart devices. In today’s hyper-connected world, inspiring confidence in security is a rare commodity. Our solutions meet the requirements industry security standards from different governing bodies around the world.

Every smart device in your household is a potential victim to cyber-attacks, leaving your critical data, personal information, and trade secrets vulnerable. Even leaving an innocent smart device, such as a smart refrigerator, unprotected can easily enable attackers to target a specific device, such as your laptop, which is part of a chain of attack. In this hyperconnected world, smart devices are evolving faster than the pace of security making them highly attractive for attackers to compromise. Whether you think of yourself as a security expert or novice you are helplessly exposed.

Security of smart devices is the number one priority because without consumer confidence there would be no smart devices. The implementation of our security solution stands up to the most rigorous attacks and is so sophisticated that even unknown methods of attacks are defended against.

Smart devices are no longer abstract devices. Price policy of the IoT world and other advantages, like power consumption and mobility, allow consumers to use these products outside – in fields, streets and any other places, where it couldn’t be used before. Hence, an attacker threatens our everyday lives.

Embedi experts put all their time and effort to revolutionalize IoT, IIoT, and Automotive to give both the sense of security and actual security to the companies working in these fields of industry.

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